Our Mission

To unite beekeepers with each other and the public as allies
to celebrate the honey bee and work towards its continued vitality.

cedar_swarmBy now most people know that we have recently experienced a worldwide decline in honeybee populations.  Many can find this to be alarming, but we see hope, creativity, and vitality emerging.  Diseases, pesticides, and other environmental threats have continued to present challenges for bees and beekeepers and at the same time, interest in bees and beekeeping has risen dramatically.  Local beekeeping organizations are seeing exponential increases in membership from year to year.  Beekeepers are experimenting with new and creative solutions to support resiliency in their colonies.

The demographic of beekeepers is shifting rapidly with many young people and women of all ages entering a field that has traditionally lacked diversity.  With this shift, we are seeing a population that embraces modern methods of networking and creative solutions to the challenges that bees and beekeepers face today. With an estimated 125,000 beekeepers in the United States, we have a growing number of willing hands tending to the honey bee, one of the most ancient and important allies to the human race. However, these hands often work alone and without support from or connection with a greater community.  We’re changing that by building community networks to help beekeepers spend more time doing the job that they know and love.

Our first project is a national honey bee swarm notification service.  Operating with web-based and toll-free telephone access, our system quickly and seamlessly connects citizens seeking help from beekeepers to the geographically closest, immediately-available and most-capable beekeepers.

The Swarm Notification Project

  • Creates and supports a national network of hobbyist and professional beekeepers
  • Increases swarm recovery rates by eliminating inefficient communication chains
  • Develops a nationwide map of swarm data to support honey bee research
  • Fosters community and mentorship between experienced and novice beekeepers
  • Educates citizens about swarms and honey bee ecology
  • Diversifies the recipients of swarms
  • Supports local beekeeping organizations by minimizing list management

What We’ve Done

  • Built a passionate core team with a wide range of skills and expertise
  • Compiled a database of over 3,500 beekeepers and beekeeping organizations nationally
  • Developed a toll-free phone and web service to immediately locate beekeepers in an area (1-844-856-BEES)
  • Collaborated with local and state-level beekeeping organizations

Future Projects

  • Active local and national social network of beekeepers and bee allies
  • Local notifications to help small beekeepers get immediate support from the nearby beekeeping community.
  • Marketplace for small and medium-sized producers of bee products.
  • On-call video and phone-based mentoring and support network

Our Team

Si Thacker

After working with bees and beekeepers for the better part of a decade, Si co-founded Honey Bee Allies to help improve communication…

Cheyanna Bone

Via the art of mead making, healing traditions and a deep love of nature, Cheyanna found her way to our ancient ally,…

Audrey Daye

Some years ago, Audrey earned her BA/BS in Ethology and Creative Writing. Honey bees were the subject of her capstone project;…


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