National Swarm Reporting Hotline

Toll Free: 1 (844) 856-BEES (2337)

Swarm Line Call Flow

We use an algorithm to rank available beekeepers and determine how we should route the call. Our system attempts to distribute calls fairly, while giving preference based on these criteria:

– Distance to the swarm
– Past response time
– Positive feedback
– Experience
– Willingness to mentor new beekeepers/swarm catchers
– Completeness of profile
– Verified membership in a recognized beekeeping organization/association

If the beekeeper responding has registered as a mentor, our system will check to see whether there are novice beekeepers in the area who have expressed interest in learning or helping with swarm retrieval, and will automatically call or text message them while the expert beekeeper is proceeding to the swarm’s location.  In this way we hope to facilitate effortless mentoring opportunities and share the magical experience of swarm catching with as many people as possible.